Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bike safty

Bike safety

This is about bike safety here is some tip to be able to be safe on the road.This is about how to put your bike together and how to set it up. How do you set your bike up?

I know what my bike looks like because if I look at my serial number mine is carved in so if someone can stracted it of and because my has a big little starch and mine, has a silver ribbon because it has my name on it so my bike is secured. Also because mine has heap of mud because I take it down to my grandad's farm that is how I know it is my bike.

  • For clothing I wear bright colours because car don't pay attention to biker so it is a good Idea if you wear bright colours like Yellow and bright orange then you will be fine. For shoes you need to have be sneaker that are appropriate and you shoes will not slip off when you are riding you are not aloud to go bear feat or other wise you could badly hurt your feet or it could get messy.You your helmet the string need to be the right fit because if it does not fit you things could get messy. Make sure your helmet is the right size. make sure your brake are alright to be going on the road. you should be aware car can zoom out of their driveway so you have to have a eye on that. On your head every who is on the road or going some quickly still need a helmet a helmet can protect your heat when you fall over it does protect all of your head but it will protect some of it. So be really careful on the road it is a dangerous place. Also wear sun block on a boiling hot day or other wise it could be sun burtent.

  • For safety rules you need to get your parent and make your brake and frame and wheel all the stuff like that need to be checked by a professional or go to your bike shop where you got your bike from and make sure it is all right. Also if you have gear you need to check these and see if they are in the right place at the right time because if you leave them on 6 or 7 speed something bad could happen so you also need to check those. You should be aware car can zoom out of their driveway so you have to have a eye on that at all times.

  • Checking your bike is a really smart thing to do if you are going long distance or short distance anything could happen if your bike isn't really to go. Make sure your tires are pumped up and not dead flat and also your brakes work fine and you stop immediately when you stop no noises when you ride your bike and if the chain are oily thing like that will keep you safe. Need to check your pedals and see if they are all right and they do not fall off because a person last year at year 6 camp when they were riding to clive and back Mr ford told us that someone lost their pedal we they were biking because they did not check their bike.Cars pull out of driveways 24 7 People in there cars they do not see much people biking out and also on the road do not just cross over when ever you want to look and wait until they stop and see you and you will have no problems.

Does that answer your question do you check your bike like that if you don't maybe you should. If you are a big kid watch out for little kids because you can slow and kids in school grounds don't even scoter or it can get very messy or something might go terribly  wrong so watch out.

Here is a picture and it is a example of what you need to tick or cross and you need to make sure you have a buddy to help you and check it is ok.

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