Friday, October 18, 2013

Flexibility test.

This week we have been doing a flexibility test we used some wood and also this is how you do it put our foot on the box and stenches your arm to a number and write your name on it to see next time if you did better. For the exercises we did leg up and sit down and lean and touch your toes. It is a five day test we use our hamstrings and lower back. For our exercises we do it every day at fitness we do like the spinal twist. On my first try on negative 9 and on my second after a week I got positive 2. We are doing this to get better at our flexibility and get better each day.

Egg drop

When there is no hole up the top that means the air is holding it in so I doesn't get wet. If there is a hole then it will get wet because the air is going out the little hole. I think it will get wet because there is a tiny hole in the top so a little bit of water will make it damp and if it has no hole up the to it will stay dry.