Monday, September 9, 2013

Little story

CRASH BANG CRASH there was a hurricane coming towards us. AHH no! All my crew was gone I was the only one there. I said to myself, “What should I do? HELP HELP HELP! I need someone to save me.” A few minutes later still no one had come to save me. I said in my head it is a catastrophe! I saw the centre board in the ocean. Oh no, this is not good. Also my crew was in trouble. Well I am not going to help because they did not help me.
It was so foggy. I could not see anything. I swam just a tiny bit so I could see some land so I swam over there.  There were some people.
They said, “Are you ok? What are you doing here?”
I said I was in a hurricane and my crew is gone so I swam here.
“Long story.” I said, “Where am I?”
“Oh you are in the South Pole.
” REALLY?”  I was terrified. The next day I woke up and on the shore was a centre board and I heard people saying “HELP WE ARE IN DANGER!!!!” “Oh no they really need me but they did not help me so what should I do?” “Ok I will do it.”

So I got into my gear and swam off.  It was not that far away only about half the between the land and an island. I was a great swimmer so I can make it. They were there in the water. “ Why should I rescue you guy but you guy did not rescue me?”

They said, “Because we did not have the tiller we could not turn around.”
“How come you did not say anything to me?” “We were concentrating.”
“You still could've said we can not turn. Ok everyone leave everything and follow me to the open shore.
One of my crew said, “I can not swim.”
“REALLY CAN'T SWIM? That is going to be difficult.”

I said, “Ok join hands you two.”
So we swam over the other side I turned out fine at the end. In my mini hut I gave them some food and I talked to them saying, “You guys were not wearing life jackets.”
They said, “Because you put them in a place and I could not find them.”
“They were on the seat really you could not find them? Oh well. Did you get the drinks on the boat before you crashed?”
“Yes we did.”
“By the way we are now safe and at home.”

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  1. I love your story Alex you have put a lot of punctuation i think this is the best story ever keep up.