Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The wolf in the wardrobe.

This book is called the wolf in the wardrobe.
The main characters are Finn,Lupa,Cackles the clown and nana Eva. I am going to rate this book 5
The main point of the story is at the start he found a wolf called Lupa and Lupa had a collar the had crystals and many more expensive stuff and a clown called Cackles the clown he want the collar. Cackles the clown says if you don't give me that collar Lupa is gone I think you should read this book because it is all about wolfs if you like wolf then this is the book you want. This is for 9 or 8 up. It has heaps of drama if you are into drama.
She has made other chapter books called

  • Saving Sam.
  • Anzac Horses.
  • World war two.
  • Brave bess.
  • Restless Spirit.
  • Dream of warrior
Hopefully you like theses books.

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