Thursday, August 1, 2013


Ring ring ring ‘’hello”, I said on phone
‘’Hi Alexandra do you want to go to my nana’s  place for a sleepover ?’’.
“SURE”, I said I will pack my bag’’. Me and Brooklyn started to play and watch TV we had something to eat before we go. Ekk I heard a car pull up “Brooklyn said hey”, it’s my nana let’s get ready.

Click the door opened we were all ready to go. We zoomed out and said bye then raced to the car with excitement. We had our belt on click the sound of the seat belt clipped in. Ek the car stopped when we got to her house we rushed in to get the first bed and get all our things ready. We raced upstairs and hopped on our beds and talked and talked until finally we stood up and went down stairs.

We ran to the computer and made up a business cards for me and Brooklyn .Brooklyn had already ready had a business card and invitations. We spent almost the whole day working and decorating them and cutting them out. After that we did some baking and we made fudge chocolate chip cookies and afghans biscuits it was so much fun best time yet. We put some of the fudge and cookies in a box for me and brooklyn to take home.

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