Friday, July 12, 2013

Digi class

Since I have been in a digi class I have got a blog.  At the moment I have my own computer that I LOVE SO MUCH. This has been a experience for I love learning new thing on my computer. WE do still write in books which is good because I use my book and our computer. WE have a mix up class of year 5 and 6’s. I have heaps of new friends that are year 5’s. MY teacher is my best teacher yet. We do early maths with her that help us alot I have got better at maths now if it wasn't for her I would not be smart.
I am liking doing new things I am positive about everything I do. “Well nearly”.
We have been doing sports like Netball swimming.
I like doing different topics and subjects I also LOVE reading and writing and now I LOVE maths art many more. I like making movies on the Ipad to improve my skills I love working in a group.

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