Thursday, June 13, 2013


The Catch...
Hmm still waiting for a fish for my village suddenly finally a FISH (turn up in a blue). YEAH I looked in the bush I saw this fox trying to get out of a trap so I got a knife and cut it off I thought I will be happy with me but no he wanted my fish that I caught for the village.

GRRR I'm going to get that off you. So the fox ran as fast as he could. I was so determined to get that fish back for my village, they are relying on me, I can't let them down like that. I was FURIOUS! I climb and climb till I got to the top non stop. Finally, we reached the summit.  I was annoyed and mad at the same time. Then, he started to go all nice to me which was different.  Something leapt out of the water making the sun disappear. Ah one  humongous fish. So I got my fishing rod I waited and waited.  Fishing till I got enough fish. YEAH I did it!!!

So, eventually I got the baby fish and I gave it to the fox. I felt really happy when I gave it to him.  He look really disappointed when I left him so I gave him one last smile. Then I wandered off peacefully.  Sharing the fish with the village one of my proudest moments.


  1. Great job Alexandra
    keep up the great work.

  2. Amazing Alexandra!
    I think you need to work on the detail.
    You also missed alot of stuff that happened in the movie and it went to quick.
    I liked the ending sharing the fish with the village one of my proudest moments.