Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Safety in the bush with john roil

  Safety in the bush
Introduction- John roil he has talked to us about being safe in the bush Here is my report.

Rules- Always put your clothes in a plastic bag so they get protected.
Always see if the weather is suitable for the day. Bring sufficient supplies.
Never ever go without a first aid kit because you can damage your self.
Bring a GPS or a compass.

Training- Be prepared to go in the bush you have to be trained good or you might not be ready.

Gear- Bring suitable shoes

Directions- When the sun rises it’s on the east. If you are lost be really prepared you should bring a gps or a compass.

Medical-Bring plenty of food have a drink bottle that is really big because you might be staying overnight so be well prepared.

Conclusion- If you are lost don't panic or run away because someone might be looking for you so don't panic and run away.

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