Thursday, May 9, 2013

Broken arm in the bush.

                                                                  Broken arms

1. Calm yourself down and talk to the person who has broken her arm.

2. Wrap the arm with the glad wrap and try not to touch their arm
So it doesn't get infected. And the bugs will stay out.

3. Pat a ruler or a stick to keep
the arm in shape. Thats called
a splint.

4. Call the
ambulance to get HELP!!!!

5. Go to the Reception P.S Elevate the arm by lifting it up because if it is bleeding it will stay.


STAR means Stop,think,assess,respond.
By Alexandra.


  1. Great Alex.Its good to learn that you are learning all about being safe in the bush. Lets hope you do not have to put any of these skills into action when you go on your camp. You will have a fabulous time.You are so lucky.
    From Mumxx

  2. This is great information.
    It really helps for staying alive in the bush.
    Keep up the good work.