Monday, October 15, 2012



One day Smurfette and her crew dazzled off into the dissent were her
Mum lived.Hi Mama Smurf she said loudly
what have you been up to all these years.Well a Exciting Adventure this ugly
he so mean oh how is this Garamal .
So smurfette crew came with her.Ok said smurfette let’s get going by Mum said smurfette. So crew let’s get going
one of the girl said hey what's that
smurfette I dont know lets go and cheek yeah said her crew were brave and storage not week. Were not scared were though said smurfette.
They saw some humans coming toward them. Hide girls.That was so close said one of the girl in smurfette.
So that was the end and had a
wonderful adventure.
To be continued.
By Alexandra.

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