Thursday, September 13, 2012

The life with a broken arm!

When I broke my arm I couldn't play my favourite sports Netball and I couldn't play anything and that was boring I couldn't do that either. And the worst part is I had to do nothing all day and that was a little bit painful and I had to put a pillow when I sleep to rest it on. And I’m not allowed to hit anything. When I got into ED it looked really scary and I thought I was going to have something put in it but phew I just had a xray but that wasn't that bad.
Here is a picture of what it looks like.


  1. I know how it will fell to have a broken arm and not play netball I felt so sad for you.

  2. oh Alex that sucks that you couldn't play netball

  3. Alex I felt so sad for you when broke your arm because it sucks because you can,t do that much and your Favorite thing netball you can,t play.