Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Production diary 1!

Dear Diary.

Hi I’m Alexandra..
And I am a gold medalist Caroline Powell, a horse rider in the production. And I’m really worried but it will be fun and anyway.. And it will be my 3rd time doing a production and by the way it is fun and I love it but sometimes it is a little silly in the script.

Day 2.
So I had to get ready to get my costume so I asked my friend if I can get some good I’m sorted now.
And me and Kate and Henry have got horse props
and my horse was white with butterfly freckles on her face.Was but i’m really excited about this
this will be so fun.

Day 3.
So we did the production practices to see and I did my line right for the first time.
And it was fun because we got to see people dance and this will be a great production.
I know and we all worked so hard for this and it is right but we need to get our voice louder so that it can be better.

Day 4.
The thing that I don't really like is waiting for
my turn and stopping in the play...
                            There’s me


  1. Amazing Alex.
    I love Caroline Powell, if you remember I did a blog post on it from our home work challenge.
    Welldone Alex your diary is so cool:)

  2. Wow amazing that sounds like a cool four days.