Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dress Rehearsal Diary!

Look up a bit more.Slow down my speaking
a bit
I didn't have stage fright.

                                                   Look at this

So today the 3 September. And guest what we had our Dress rehearsal and tonight we are doing the production
and I am so scared and frightened. But I hope I wont stuff it up!!! And I heard if we don't talk we get an ice-block (hmm) and if we do talk we don't get one and by the way I LOVE ice-blocks did you know that?
The hall will be full with some people but not much.
And my parents are coming I think tomorrow.
This is not fair the parents get a drink and a chocolate for only $1 and we don't get any at all. And I had my prop horse that is soooo cute but it’s fake. And the lights are so awesome too.


  1. Good job Alex.
    I loved the prominence.

  2. Cool Alex
    theirs just a few punctuation thing's but that all amazing post really I enjoyed it a lot how was it last night? Was it awesome? of course would you agree with me the teachers did such an amazing job ae?? well any way GOOD JOB:) keep up the good posts

  3. Great Alex. I really like your PMI. I like the % you put as well! Well done:)

  4. To Alexandra
    Great work Alexandra. I really like it you did such a great job and you spoke really clear and the audience really enjoyed it well done.
    from Regan.