Friday, September 28, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My best friend's production Bianca

This is my best friend in the production Bianca.

I did this video because she's my best friend Bianca. Here is a video of her dancing to Call Me Maybe. I hope you like it!

The Bittern!

The Bittern!

1. The digger had frightened it.
2.The bird gave grandad a funny feeling were  it was heading. Butterfly in your tummy.
3.People thought it was useless land. And all the farmers did it.
4.Grandad needed every bit of farmland he could get.
5.The bittern gave Grandad a funny feeling.
He realised that if everyone on the Taieri River
drained their swamp there’d be no place for the bittern to live.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The life with a broken arm!

When I broke my arm I couldn't play my favourite sports Netball and I couldn't play anything and that was boring I couldn't do that either. And the worst part is I had to do nothing all day and that was a little bit painful and I had to put a pillow when I sleep to rest it on. And I’m not allowed to hit anything. When I got into ED it looked really scary and I thought I was going to have something put in it but phew I just had a xray but that wasn't that bad.
Here is a picture of what it looks like.

Friday, September 7, 2012


People were living in my CANDY FLOSS VOLCANO!

One day in 1934 there were some people living
were in my CANDY FLOSS VOLCANO and they were
getting into a Rocket and BLASTING off into the distance. I got angry I said NOOOO don’t you ZOOM OUT OF HERE! You're not going anywhere.NOT ANYWHERE!
Why not you were eating my candy floss and i made it


Thursday, September 6, 2012

My fotobabble of the Production.

    This is my fotobable of the Production!

This is my Fotobabble for the production
I recorded my voice on this website called
Fotobabble. I you enjoy it!

By Alexandra.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Production diary 1!

Dear Diary.

Hi I’m Alexandra..
And I am a gold medalist Caroline Powell, a horse rider in the production. And I’m really worried but it will be fun and anyway.. And it will be my 3rd time doing a production and by the way it is fun and I love it but sometimes it is a little silly in the script.

Day 2.
So I had to get ready to get my costume so I asked my friend if I can get some good I’m sorted now.
And me and Kate and Henry have got horse props
and my horse was white with butterfly freckles on her face.Was but i’m really excited about this
this will be so fun.

Day 3.
So we did the production practices to see and I did my line right for the first time.
And it was fun because we got to see people dance and this will be a great production.
I know and we all worked so hard for this and it is right but we need to get our voice louder so that it can be better.

Day 4.
The thing that I don't really like is waiting for
my turn and stopping in the play...
                            There’s me

Dress Rehearsal Diary!

Look up a bit more.Slow down my speaking
a bit
I didn't have stage fright.

                                                   Look at this

So today the 3 September. And guest what we had our Dress rehearsal and tonight we are doing the production
and I am so scared and frightened. But I hope I wont stuff it up!!! And I heard if we don't talk we get an ice-block (hmm) and if we do talk we don't get one and by the way I LOVE ice-blocks did you know that?
The hall will be full with some people but not much.
And my parents are coming I think tomorrow.
This is not fair the parents get a drink and a chocolate for only $1 and we don't get any at all. And I had my prop horse that is soooo cute but it’s fake. And the lights are so awesome too.