Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic News reporter Alex!

 Olympic News Reporter Alex!

Hello I’m Alex your News Reporter.

Breaking news...

The Olympic opening was Dazzling last night. It was crowded with people all around London it only come on every 4 Year this is fantastic so much people.
The Queen Jumped off the plane with James Bond.
But she came down safely, don't worry she's fine.
Mr.Bean did a hilarious performance. Here's the
Link to one of the blogs the open ceromony Check it out.
There were Millions of people watching.
And all the countries like Great Britain holding their country's signs and people holding the torch then passing it on then on and carrying on. People were screaming and laughing cheering. It was Magnificent. People who are doing the Olympics
are trying their best to get first, second or third.
Swimming is fantastic. Rowing is brilliant.
All the other players are marvellous.

Good Night.

By Alexandra.


  1. Great report Alex.
    I like how you started the fantastic story with:
    Breaking news...!
    I also like how you put a link to Mrs.Hill's blog

  2. Bravo awesome you sound like your on radio I like your begging

  3. awesome news Reporting it great you did a good gob