Friday, August 24, 2012


When I was in Auckland we went to kelly
tarlton’s There was a big long
sting ray in a big tank it was so enormous
Hannah thought it was funny. Look [Hannah said] can we go over to the penguin there hannah said ohh look at this
a penguin ride. Mum and dad said yes
WHOOSH!!!.After that I said wow that was so fun I said can we do it again mum and dad said no oh well so next we went over to the gift shop were we get or presents for are
friend.After kelly taltons we went to the sky tower when we got up there we looked down. It looked so high i’v never been so high before wow Hannah look at this in 3.2.1.
boom a person bunged jumped ohh i’m not  going down there.How do people capture sting-ray?.
When we got back from kelly taltons
we went to the sky tower we saw people
bingie jumping off the sky tower it looked
bouncy and the person how was bungee jumping had to land on a target.


  1. Cool Alax I that sound so fun.

  2. That sound like a awesome day and your writing really inspired me now I don't have to worry about your arm so much cause I know that your brave enough to take care of yourself.