Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alexandra what I learnt

I am halfway through my awesome year of learning in Room 20. How am I learning? Teachers helping me when I need help.

Some things that are different about this year are having Netbooks .

Having a computer and Google account has helped me with things I need help with like researching things I need to know more about.Reading website writing websites and maths website.

I like having a blog because it shows your Writing and see Your own blog.

I share my learning by Document shared needed stuff for buddies to see it.

I help others by helping them if they're in trouble and they need it.

I use ICT to help my learning in these ways typing on the Netbooks learning stuff.

I get feedback for my learning from Buddies and friends and Teachers. They give me good replies  feedback by Different people.This makes me feels good about myself

Things I am really proud of achieving in Room 20 are having Blog posts.

I learn when I do a reflection by recording my voice so that I can be confident and not be shy on my Netbook. And do something for a change and get used to it so that I can do it more and be happy every time I use it.

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  1. very cool Alex

    I love your Rose

    From Bianca