Monday, July 16, 2012

Enchanted story

 Enchanted story

Once there was a princess behind a window looking at some flowers though a window. The princess said ahhh what's happening?
I can see this weird kind of a king. Ah well he won't notice.
Oh no he went away. 
No one notices me at all, no one saves me, no one sees me. I'm in a castle and no one sees the castle too.
Oh look a princess said the king. Yes he is here said the princess.
So he came and saved the princess. 
Yes finally. Have we finished the story?
No  ooh.
Sorry it's not finished.


  1. Wow Wicked story you have fantastic Ideas And cool ending It sounds really realistic.

  2. Wow Alex.
    I love your enchanted story, it is very imaginable.

    What is your favourite part in your story?

  3. Funny Alex,
    I like that story. Are you planing to make other ones like that?

  4. Awesome Alex! That story makes me want to read more! My favourite part was when you described the king as weird, what was your favourite part?