Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Horse trekking at Camp.

Horse trekking at
When I was at camp I did horse riding it was fun. Mr M video taped me!
Zeb was in front of me come on Zeb!!!.We went down a hillI felt like i was a good rider. My horses name was Jess.
I felt like i was going to fall off but I didn't fall off.
And I didn't need a person to hold the horse I rode it myself.
And that made me proud of myself I couldn't believe it.

We went around the paddock for 3 hours it was really fun doing it all day.
After that I felt really tired I couldn't wait to go to sleep.

                         Me Horse Riding.

Koru Art

This is my Koru Art
It stand for New Life and Harmony.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Room 1 Buddy

I read a book about a girl at school with her friend lets read it. At school there was a festival and all the students went.
Ice-creams, roller coasters and heaps of other rides I thought would be there.
There were heaps of other things you could do but they didn't interest us.
Oh hi Neasha.
I didn't know you were here.
Yes I was here.
What do you want to ride on?
Ah I don't know.
How about the roller coaster?
Oh Ok then
Oh don't you want to go on that? Yes I do lets go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
That ride was so scary because it went around and when you go up and down you feel dizzy. I didn't like that ride at all!
Why don’t we go and get some candy floss and a drink of juice, that will make me happy.
Hmm what a good idea Alexandra (Neasha said softly.)
We both sat down on the grass and we licked all the candy floss off our fingers, now that filled us up.
The weather was boiling hot ohh I was pleased
that I remembered to wear my sun hat.
Afterwards we put on our school bags and hopped on the bus that will would take us back to school.
Wow that was a fun field trip. Neasha did you like it?.
Let’s do that again  sometime.
By Alexandra.


I iwfuuffjufur


I iwfuuffjufur

Monday, July 16, 2012

Enchanted story

 Enchanted story

Once there was a princess behind a window looking at some flowers though a window. The princess said ahhh what's happening?
I can see this weird kind of a king. Ah well he won't notice.
Oh no he went away. 
No one notices me at all, no one saves me, no one sees me. I'm in a castle and no one sees the castle too.
Oh look a princess said the king. Yes he is here said the princess.
So he came and saved the princess. 
Yes finally. Have we finished the story?
No  ooh.
Sorry it's not finished.