Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letter to V.M Jones

Dear V.M Jones,

   Hi I’m Alexandra, I love your story Buddy.

I love the bit where Josh meets his love Chantelle.
I also enjoyed where Josh did the the tryathlon. Shane was nice because he offered the medal to Josh but he didn't want it.
I like the chapter called, The cross-country.
My favorite character was Chantelle she always went to Josh's place.
How do you get those excellent describing words that show you will do fabulous books in your life?
By Alexandra-year 5 student at Parkvale School.   


  1. Good letter, Alexandra.

    I loved Buddy too. You get fabulous describing words by reading lots and lots. When is your great new story going to be on your blog?

  2. Great work Alexandra!
    I like how you put your feelings in this letter to V.M Jones. Also your great question out the end of the letter. My favourite part of the book is: The cross country and the dream. I love the book and understood it better than anyone else because I am a twin.
    Keep up the great work!