Friday, June 8, 2012


While the taggers were getting ready to tag me.
Bianca said to me come on run!!!
I almost got tagged but I didn't. it was close
but it wasn't tagged then I heard the gushing wind blowing in my face oh no they're coming run
They missed me by meter. I almost got tagged again. I am puffed from running every 2 seconds
I am so hot. I want to have a break. I am hot like a house on fire. So I hid behind the tree for a break. Oh no they found me booo.
Slow down, can't it be slow motion so that I get more time to run?
Bianca, Kharn, run. Oh no the fastest runner is in. Now I said in my head hmmm there's got to be
a quick way around this a really good way around this. Suddenly I heard boom,boom that was the noise of feet. Don't again boom a boom a boom oh!
Better start running Mr.M said 10 minutes left.
30 seconds left (finally I said in my head)
Stop we're done.


  1. Cool Alex. This is a really good story. From Kharn and Tyler

  2. Great Alexandra
    What is your favourite thing about playing blob?