Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letter to V.M Jones

Dear V.M Jones,

   Hi I’m Alexandra, I love your story Buddy.

I love the bit where Josh meets his love Chantelle.
I also enjoyed where Josh did the the tryathlon. Shane was nice because he offered the medal to Josh but he didn't want it.
I like the chapter called, The cross-country.
My favorite character was Chantelle she always went to Josh's place.
How do you get those excellent describing words that show you will do fabulous books in your life?
By Alexandra-year 5 student at Parkvale School.   

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 times table game.

This is the game we all made up.

By Alexandra, Bianca, Eden, Zeb

This is our math in our group we have been working
on our 5 multiplication facts so then we would know them
without thinking about it and also we need practice And with
the gaming and work it will help us with our working out and
working as a group and as companionship I think were
an awesome group we all work very well together and it's easy with
the help of Mr Moriarty and every so often Mrs Sullivan and sometimes
we go to room 2 and they is usually all the senior teachers and miss hill
I personally think that as a group were just moving up kinda like nothing can stop us.

This is my groups 5x maths game. We use it to practice our x and having fun at the same time.
It is important to have our game so we can learn our 5x because 2x,5x and 10x all go together.
So we need to learn them all.
                                                Rules  by Alex
So there are 4 players in the game or more but there’s question in the boxes and at near the
bottom there’s a bonus tracks. So that you can work out where there's next. You can go
forward and answer the question. Move up more and if you answer it again and
you had your turn you can do that if you're fast enough.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Term 2 reflection.


My favourite in Reading has been... Making connections from in the book. Because it makes me learn more things.

Something I have learnt is if you do ctrl c it copy and pasting it and putting on documents and other stuff.

My next step is to try and make better connections


This is my favourite writing BLOB!!

I am proud of all the writing that I have done is improving my skills.

I have learnt how to type faster

My next step is to make my stories interesting.

I like my blog because I can put post on it and to see the comments that people wrote to me.
This is my favourite post. my blog

I like commenting on blogs because it shows people that we like hearing about there’s storie.

This is my favourite comment


This is my favourite maths

I am proud of I have learn my maths.

Something I find challenging is Fractions

My next step is to focus on my Fractions.

This is my favourite art wordle.

Something I have liked in our topic learning is Our jungle.

P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is BLOB
I like playing these games:

I learn and develop the skills of....     by playing these games.
Fitness helps me Yes
Choir / Kapa Haka/

Friday, June 8, 2012


While the taggers were getting ready to tag me.
Bianca said to me come on run!!!
I almost got tagged but I didn't. it was close
but it wasn't tagged then I heard the gushing wind blowing in my face oh no they're coming run
They missed me by meter. I almost got tagged again. I am puffed from running every 2 seconds
I am so hot. I want to have a break. I am hot like a house on fire. So I hid behind the tree for a break. Oh no they found me booo.
Slow down, can't it be slow motion so that I get more time to run?
Bianca, Kharn, run. Oh no the fastest runner is in. Now I said in my head hmmm there's got to be
a quick way around this a really good way around this. Suddenly I heard boom,boom that was the noise of feet. Don't again boom a boom a boom oh!
Better start running Mr.M said 10 minutes left.
30 seconds left (finally I said in my head)
Stop we're done.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Plastics Hastings district council. Date:1/06/12. Room 20 There is too many plastic on the grass and the concrete and rubbish bins. We want to keep our Environment healthy by picking up our rubbish.Please make it stop we care about our animals did you see the vortex is shocking and terrible .We want to look after them!!! That’s all we need please. By Alexandra. Thank You.