Monday, February 27, 2012

Swimming Sports Teams

Swimming Sports Teams

Shiver, clap. I was nervous I felt shivering cold like an ice cube.
Oh no it's my turn. I was so nervous that I would come 1 2 or 3 but I came 3rd.
Wow yes! I was so excited to tell everyone in my family. I told my mum about how I came 3rd.
She said I wish I was there watching.
You did well. Well done Alexandra that's great.
Then I told my dad that I came 3rd.

I told my Nana about it. She doesn't believe it.


  1. I like your ending, Alexandra.How you told your Nana about it and she didn't believe you. How did that make you feel? Did you laugh about it together?

  2. Wow Alex,What fantastic descriptive writing you are doing.Keep it up,I love reading your stories.
    Love Mumx