Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bike safty

Bike safety

This is about bike safety here is some tip to be able to be safe on the road.This is about how to put your bike together and how to set it up. How do you set your bike up?

I know what my bike looks like because if I look at my serial number mine is carved in so if someone can stracted it of and because my has a big little starch and mine, has a silver ribbon because it has my name on it so my bike is secured. Also because mine has heap of mud because I take it down to my grandad's farm that is how I know it is my bike.

  • For clothing I wear bright colours because car don't pay attention to biker so it is a good Idea if you wear bright colours like Yellow and bright orange then you will be fine. For shoes you need to have be sneaker that are appropriate and you shoes will not slip off when you are riding you are not aloud to go bear feat or other wise you could badly hurt your feet or it could get messy.You your helmet the string need to be the right fit because if it does not fit you things could get messy. Make sure your helmet is the right size. make sure your brake are alright to be going on the road. you should be aware car can zoom out of their driveway so you have to have a eye on that. On your head every who is on the road or going some quickly still need a helmet a helmet can protect your heat when you fall over it does protect all of your head but it will protect some of it. So be really careful on the road it is a dangerous place. Also wear sun block on a boiling hot day or other wise it could be sun burtent.

  • For safety rules you need to get your parent and make your brake and frame and wheel all the stuff like that need to be checked by a professional or go to your bike shop where you got your bike from and make sure it is all right. Also if you have gear you need to check these and see if they are in the right place at the right time because if you leave them on 6 or 7 speed something bad could happen so you also need to check those. You should be aware car can zoom out of their driveway so you have to have a eye on that at all times.

  • Checking your bike is a really smart thing to do if you are going long distance or short distance anything could happen if your bike isn't really to go. Make sure your tires are pumped up and not dead flat and also your brakes work fine and you stop immediately when you stop no noises when you ride your bike and if the chain are oily thing like that will keep you safe. Need to check your pedals and see if they are all right and they do not fall off because a person last year at year 6 camp when they were riding to clive and back Mr ford told us that someone lost their pedal we they were biking because they did not check their bike.Cars pull out of driveways 24 7 People in there cars they do not see much people biking out and also on the road do not just cross over when ever you want to look and wait until they stop and see you and you will have no problems.

Does that answer your question do you check your bike like that if you don't maybe you should. If you are a big kid watch out for little kids because you can slow and kids in school grounds don't even scoter or it can get very messy or something might go terribly  wrong so watch out.

Here is a picture and it is a example of what you need to tick or cross and you need to make sure you have a buddy to help you and check it is ok.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hair dryer and pin ball test.

Today we did a class experiment and see if a ping pong  ball can stay up on a hair dryer. What do you think will happen if you put a ping pong ball on a hair dryer lets find out.
Things you will need.

1.First you will need a ping pong ball and also a hair dryer that works.

I think this will work because the air pushes it  up forcing it to stay up.
You can put two ball at the same time it will stay up but not for long.

If you put a ping pong ball on a hair dryer it will just float because the gravity pulls it down but the air pushes it up float. Air can beat gravity there is the answers.

Her is some video of how it works.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Flexibility test.

This week we have been doing a flexibility test we used some wood and also this is how you do it put our foot on the box and stenches your arm to a number and write your name on it to see next time if you did better. For the exercises we did leg up and sit down and lean and touch your toes. It is a five day test we use our hamstrings and lower back. For our exercises we do it every day at fitness we do like the spinal twist. On my first try on negative 9 and on my second after a week I got positive 2. We are doing this to get better at our flexibility and get better each day.

Egg drop

When there is no hole up the top that means the air is holding it in so I doesn't get wet. If there is a hole then it will get wet because the air is going out the little hole. I think it will get wet because there is a tiny hole in the top so a little bit of water will make it damp and if it has no hole up the to it will stay dry.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Optimist yachting

Day 1
Something I was pleased with was that I did not capsized because I was focused, but every time I go optimist yachting I sometimes capsized. But this time I did not. Yesterday I did not go to in a one seater on a yacht, I went with a two seater but next time I really want go in a one seater. To get better to improve my goal.
Day 2
Something I was pleased with was going in a one seater (YEAH) We went under, the bridge and I was waiting to go under there on monday but we did’nt go. On the yacht I thought I could do better is turning the tiller properly and not flicking it to anyway I want. I thought I need to work on is doing the centre board because I was not doing it right I was just playing around with it.
Day 3
Today when we went sailing I was with a buddy and I chose Ethin.
We got heap of positive comments from parents so we thought we did all right. Kayaking was great I went by my self. We went under the bridge I thought I was doing well because I saw some people in two seaters capsize and under there it was quite difficult. I thought I was doing really well today so I think I have improved over the past 2 days.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Little story

CRASH BANG CRASH there was a hurricane coming towards us. AHH no! All my crew was gone I was the only one there. I said to myself, “What should I do? HELP HELP HELP! I need someone to save me.” A few minutes later still no one had come to save me. I said in my head it is a catastrophe! I saw the centre board in the ocean. Oh no, this is not good. Also my crew was in trouble. Well I am not going to help because they did not help me.
It was so foggy. I could not see anything. I swam just a tiny bit so I could see some land so I swam over there.  There were some people.
They said, “Are you ok? What are you doing here?”
I said I was in a hurricane and my crew is gone so I swam here.
“Long story.” I said, “Where am I?”
“Oh you are in the South Pole.
” REALLY?”  I was terrified. The next day I woke up and on the shore was a centre board and I heard people saying “HELP WE ARE IN DANGER!!!!” “Oh no they really need me but they did not help me so what should I do?” “Ok I will do it.”

So I got into my gear and swam off.  It was not that far away only about half the between the land and an island. I was a great swimmer so I can make it. They were there in the water. “ Why should I rescue you guy but you guy did not rescue me?”

They said, “Because we did not have the tiller we could not turn around.”
“How come you did not say anything to me?” “We were concentrating.”
“You still could've said we can not turn. Ok everyone leave everything and follow me to the open shore.
One of my crew said, “I can not swim.”
“REALLY CAN'T SWIM? That is going to be difficult.”

I said, “Ok join hands you two.”
So we swam over the other side I turned out fine at the end. In my mini hut I gave them some food and I talked to them saying, “You guys were not wearing life jackets.”
They said, “Because you put them in a place and I could not find them.”
“They were on the seat really you could not find them? Oh well. Did you get the drinks on the boat before you crashed?”
“Yes we did.”
“By the way we are now safe and at home.”

Sunday, September 8, 2013


In Mahia our good friend called Brook and Emma fiona and Paul went to a house in mahia. We stayed in a rented house for the weekend. It has a great view like a beautiful sunset. When we hopped out of our car unpacked ours bag then chose our bed there was I bunk bed me and Hannah just slept on the couch. For dinner we were starving like anything so we went to a bar just down the road. Slam as the door shut on the car we were so hungry we ordered so quickly I did not get time to tell mum and dad. I got told off for going up and order start away.
“Ooh well I will get over it”
For dinner I had a nice roast pork that filled me up. We played a game outside. We could not believe it because it was still a little bit sunny and the time was
5 o'clock. When we got back to the hose we got change in our PJs and watched movies I was like the best night ever!!!

The next day it was so sunny Dad and his mate Paul went to go and play golf so we came it took a while but it was perfect because we had a bunch full of lollies so that made us HAPPY. After that we went down to the beach and had a picnic I was the most beautiful day I have seen yet It was bright as a light bulb flashing at me it that was not annoying. When we got back to the house we went to go and play hide and seek. When it was dinner we had a BBQ it was so nice I just love a sausage sizzle then for pudding we had Ice cream with sprinkles and frozen chocolate sauce. (Hmm). He day after we left in the morning it took awhile to get back to hawkes bay maybe like 4 hours.